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User information


IBJ Softwareentwicklung Jürgens e.K.
is the author of the software
IBJ JueCons and
SiPlan / S4C


Use of the software

The company IBJ Softwareentwicklung Jürgens e.K. draws attention to the fact that
that it is not possible to use computer software according to the state of the art
which, in all use cases and combinations of the present
components and loads work without errors. The object is therefore only one
Software that is used in accordance with the program description and user manual

Compensation for further damage is excluded, this applies in particular to
for lost profit, data loss or lack of usability of the software
as well as for consequential damages.

IBJ Software Entwicklung Jürgens e.K. does not guarantee that the
software or documentation and does not represent customer standards or the
satisfying the needs of customers.
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